La violette bâton

Shawn suggested a name for my blog (post-move) -- something about the purple stick, only translated to French, like Red Stick = Baton Rouge. I like violette better than mauve, although if you just translate purple you get pourpre, which I kind of like. Google Translator for the win. But I'm still not sure what I'll do. I still think I need to have go directly to the blog and do away with my Dreamweaver coded HTML pages that live there, so outdated and sad. 

Moving on. A recap of recent days:
  • On Friday after work Shawn and I raced to MoMA for the Target free Fridays, after 4:30 the normally $20 entrance fee is waived (or perhaps paid by Target? That is unclear). What is also unclear is WHY Target would sponsor something in the city where there are no Targets (same logic behind advertising in Times Square I guess). Maybe just for the tourists? Anyway, the museum was as expected. Very crowded but got to see some "important art." There were some pieces I liked (Picasso's Kitchen), some I didn't get (Pollock) and the every-body-loves-it Starry Night. Overall not a bad (free) date, although we both were glad we hadn't paid the $20. We're closing in on having seen all the museums we want to see ... maybe two or three left on the list!
  • Yesterday after the gym I went to Old Navy to spend the blood donation gift cards, and I got a new pair of shorts in a size I haven't worn in years. That was pretty exciting. I also got a cover up dress for the cruise and some layering tanks (on sale for $5 each ... can't lose). A negative to weight loss has been that my wedding ring is now a little big, so I'm worried about losing it and rarely wear my engagement ring at all. When I do I'm hyper vigilant, checking it every 5 seconds -- or wear the rings on my middle finger, which is slightly bigger although looks really weird with a ring on it. My ring finger knuckle is big enough to keep the rings on, but they still slip and slide and scare me!
  • After lunch on Saturday, Shawn and I walked to the Hudson River and read/crocheted/juggled for a few hours. The grass was really plush, and having the water right there is just spectacular. 
  • We watched "It's Complicated" while we did our laundry last night. I thought it was really good, and I'm a sucker for romance of any kind.
  • Today has been church (new baby baptism made me tear up!), lunch at Silver Spurs and lounging after the gym. I also paid some bills, applied (probably fruitlessly) to some more job postings and, clearly, created some blog posts! Shawn is working away, reading and computing at the table. High level stuff, don't you know? 
In a bit I'll get dinner started. We have FreshDirect coming tomorrow, and Shawn's parents will arrive on Thursday. I'm taking Friday off work ... but we don't even have a plan yet what we'll do for most of the time they're here! We have some meal options in place plus two outings -- a Staten Island Yankees baseball game and tickets to Hair on Broadway. We know we want to do a street festival and/or Greenflea on the weekend. But otherwise I guess we'll just see what strikes our fancy! Can't wait...

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Heather said...

Did you use Google translator to Creole? Because purple is violet in pure French. :)

Also, if you're nervous about having your rings re-sized (especially until after you plan potential youngsters), most jewelers will really inexpensively put a catch on the back that's called a safety (I think).

I had one on a beautiful ring my grandparents gave me as a kid. The bonus is that you can always take it off or put it back on as needed, and unless someone is staring at your ring palm-side up, they'd never see it.

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