Art Appreciation

... or lack thereof.

Maybe I could take a class or something to understand, but for whatever reason a slightly deflated inflatable toilet is not my idea of art. I'm OK if other people want to look at it, but as for me, I think one trip to the Whitney was enough. There were some pieces I liked and could see the artistic value. Others ... not so much. Like a series of snapshots of a kid playing. Great -- but in no way unique. I guess it's the story that goes along with them ... i.e. what the artist is trying to convey. But that was not evident just looking at these pictures of a kid in his PJ's. Anyway. Another bucket list item checked and I'm actually glad two floors were closed -- the price was cheaper and I didn't have to look at double the amount of weirdness. The gift "shop" was even a big disappointment. Live and learn.

I'm going to try to hit the other missing pieces of my NYC tourist time in the coming weeks, including a few more art museums that will probably be over my head.

Shawn wasn't with me yesterday because he's recovering from a cold, but today after we had brunch at Cozy we passed by an NYU art installation. It's basically a camera that films people and you can interact with the TV screen in the window. It's a game where you shake the picture by moving certain parts -- and keep other parts of the image still by freezing. We got the high score so far and it was pretty funny. I tried to find the URL to link to it but not having luck. I'll have to walk past it again and see if I can figure it out better/if there's a link listed on the project.

Now we're about to go out and enjoy this incredibly mild weather. Seriously, you'd think it was early spring or late fall it's so nice. I guess NYC is loving on us so we'll miss it even more when we hit the road in a few weeks (~six weeks 'til our honeymoon cruise, and about eight weeks until we load a U-Haul for the drive south).

Edit -- just kidding. Looks like rain, so we're going to either do a movie or the usual -- i.e. sit around and look at each other/the TV/our computers. m-e-h.

Edit 2 -- found the art installation (it's on Waverly and Broadway):

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