Launching of the Boy

Today is rainy, so we probably won't get to swim, which will probably lead to another meltdown (last night it sprinkled, so we didn't get to have our third day of swimming ... here's hoping it clears up this afternoon).

Here are pictures from Tuesday:

Pre-launch: 1, 2, 3 ...

Launch! - see how poor Bubba lands on his back.

Auntie M grabs Owen to comfort him post-splash.

It didn't take long before he was back to splashing and jumping. He's a water baby (or water kid, he prefers). Pa calls him a water dog.

Tomorrow will be his 5-year-old pictures at Sears. Beth has a series of photos each year around his birthday of him w/ a white number corresponding to his new age. Really cute, but then I'm partial. We'll also be going to see Aunt Norma Lee in Frederick and basically kicking around southwest Oklahoma. Our flight is Monday at about 3 p.m. from Lawton - hurray for no 2-hour drives to the airport!

Last night I found a journal from 03-04 that included when I first met Shawn (one of the few books left here - most others are in NYC). Reading some of the entries before that was cringe-worthy - I mean I was really psycho. I guess I was even that way in tracking down Shawn after we met. I'm not sure if I've mellowed, if it's just a factor of aging/growing up OR if I'm just incredibly lucky to have found someone who perfectly balances me and can put up with my crazy interludes. Probably a combination. Whatever it is, I'm very grateful!

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Sydney said...

I love the action photos! I'm still smiling.

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