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My 2003-era laptop continues to surprise me with how it can mess up. The latest being that the enter key doesn't work. If I want a line break or paragraph break - better hit up copy and paste (thankfully that works ... something that wasn't always true/this laptop would paste a screen shot instead of what you actually copied).

The laptop's USB ports don't recognize my memory key. And my mom's laptop doesn't have PPT or Excel, two key ingredients to my work success. So I've had to e-mail the files from the memory key to my laptop. I am able to VPN to the work network on my mom's computer to get the files I (inevitably) forgot to put on the memory key. The laptop just has lots of problems, and I hope to put it out of its misery soon. Although I guess it could be reformatted if it was totally wiped and re-set. We'll see. But thank goodness the programs I need work and that I can access the Internet via Ethernet (wireless doesn't work with this network/laptop combo).

Picking up Owen from Kindergarten is pretty great - the best feeling when he spots you and realizes he gets to come home! He has little friends and told one of them "This is My Mari" ... what a sweet boy.

I got to spend a couple hours with a friend from way back - and holding her new baby daughter. Wow. So that was pretty great and I hope to see them again before we leave. Shawn should really have a chance to hold a baby that tiny. I just hope we're lucky enough to get to have a baby of our own. I'm an early worrier, and this is no exception.

This afternoon will be crocheting with Gran before picking up Owen ... then a haircut for him, groceries and dinner at Beth's.

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