Stepping off the elevator onto the 8th floor provides a unique olfactory experience for me.

I kid you not, it smells EXACTLY like the Georgetown apartments from summer 01. Maybe just the boys' apartment across the hall - a cologne smell from the Zachs. Whatever it is - I find myself hoping that it is always there and hoping that it dissipates. I'm sure either way I'll stop noticing, just like I don't really notice the smells on the 5th floor.

I don't have digital photos from that time/summer. I was still a film camera girl. But when I get set up again, if the smell's still there, I might be driven to get them out and scan one or two.

General update - most everything is moved, except the dressers, desk, table, chairs, TV and some kitchen and bathroom paraphernalia. The small stuff will probably be taken care of tonight after supper. Then we have an elevator reserved for tomorrow morning/time off approved (for me) to move the rest. I don't think it will take more than a couple hours.

I'm keeping the computer and modem hooked up Thursday morning until 1:30 or so. The cable guy will come to set up between 2-4, which means some more down time. But after that I should be ready to seamlessly work from the new place. Turbo nesting will commence, as our first visitors are coming sometime Friday for the weekend. I still don't know what we're going to do/what they want to do, but I do know that with these guys it will be crazy fun.

I'm washing a baby blanket for my friend Jen right now - can't wait to post photos of it. Seriously it is one of the most darling I've ever done. I know I say that always, but the color scheme of this one is incredible (Jen picked the general colors), and the new pattern worked up SO quickly and beautifully. Of course my math skills stink and I have double the amount of yarn and could make a SECOND version. I'll probably put it toward another new pattern for a baby unknown. Or perhaps I'll donate it to my church's craft fair. (I've stopped working on the bedspread for me ... I still plan to finish it, but I just haven't been working on it at all.) I also have a few Christmas projects started.

Our bed is upstairs so we're sleeping there tonight and from now on. The AC there works OK, but we're moving our own up there (12000 BTUs vs. 8000 I think). The installers for that come Thursday too, so it will be a lot of coordination. OIY. I also need to order groceries for our house guests. It's always something.

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