In Indiahoma - my first time blogging on a high speed connection in this town. AH! All the blogging (online journaling) I did on dial up. Anyhoo.

We made it OK from NYC yesterday. It started with a downpour - so we waited for a taxi in the rain. Then our flight was delayed because they had to swap air craft. Our original plane had a crack in the wing. For the love!

So what was originally an hour layover turned into about 20 minutes, when you counted the time it took the get off the plane since we were seated in the back. DFW is not a small airport and we had to change terminals. We BARELY made the flight, and of course there was no time to get food. (In hindsight there were other late passengers behind us, so we COULD have bought a sandwich if we'd known.)

We finally arrive in Lawton to find our one checked suitcase ($15) didn't make it. Others' bags didn't make it either, so hopefully it's just in Dallas and we can get it this morning.

Anyway, I'm washing towels and Shawn's undies. (My clothes were mostly in the carry on, except for all my toiletries, including my electric toothbrush and retainer - what was I thinking? Have I never flown before?!)

I'll be glad when everything's back together in one place.

Swim party at one. Tomorrow is Owen's birthday proper, but today's the party and it will be great. Just hope Shawn's bathing suit arrives in time ... otherwise it's a new suit for him. Wally World anyone?!

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