As It Happens

Yesterday I had a 17-hour day of travel for work. Left the apartment at 5 a.m. and returned at 10 p.m. I am so tired today. Some observations from my travel notebook:

I learned there is a Bank of America ATM on the LIRR level at Penn Station - just as you walk out of the ACE subway entrance. Nice! Saved me having to walk out of the station to get cash.

I read the New York Times print edition on the train and jotted notes for potential blog ideas (which itself is an idea from a blogging tips blog I read).
  • There was an article "Social Networks Spread Iranian Defiance Online" about Twitter. It was interesting, but I was surprised by the quality of reporting - basically a compilation/re-hash of several users' tweets. Hrm.
  • "Study finds instruction in art lags in 8th grade" ... another article. I'm not sure I could identify a Renaissance painting or half note, but I probably was able to in 8th grade.
  • Wrote down this URL:
  • Read about the Math Midway, which was part of the World Science Festival street fair thing.
  • Read about a play I'd like to see "Someone in Florida Loves Me," in NYC through June 28. At $15/ticket not a bad deal. I'm starting to value being in a culture- and theater-filled place a bit more.
My bag broke yesterday in the food court at Union Station. it's my black "work" bag - quilted Old Navy, nothing special or expensive, but a nice big bag. DRAT! I looked around for a suitable replacement but didn't find anything in the shops there, so I just hassled with the bag on the way home - it had one strap left, so I was able to sort of balance the contents on my hip and keep the strap high on my shoulder. I had a separate bag for my crochet, so I moved some of my stuff in there to ease the burden. So I'm in the market for a new black bag. I should probably shop my closet - because I know there are other bags packed away in there somewhere.

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