squishy toes

I bought these lovely flip-flops for half price, the discount coming because Shawn's new shoes were full price and it was a BOGO event at Rackroom Shoes (or something like that).

The footbed of these things are outstanding. I mean, it really is so squishy and marvelous - like walking on pillows, or at least really comfy slippers.

That said, I would never, never wear these or other flip flops/sandals to an airport. I was explaining to my in-laws (tee hee, i have in-laws!) about my position/theory that shoes make it easier to run should there be a crash or other accident - plus I wouldn't want my feet exposed to any debris even if I couldn't run in the event of something going wrong. Plus there's the ICK factor of walking barefoot through security. I mean come on. And then I found this article on CNN Money about the dangers of wearing such shoes near escalators. For Pete's sake.

The only thing I would change about these shoes ... you guessed it, make the stripes purple. BUT a girl does need a little pink in her life, and in hindsight I would have purchased these shoes even if they were lime green or burnt sienna or any other non-mari color. These things are AWESOME... I just have to watch Shawn to keep him from slipping them on. Although I have big feet, his are even bigger and he'll stretch them out...


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