home AGAIN

traveling is so nice - even when it's just a quick jaunt. we went to shawn's parents for the weekend - for a family wedding and a "newlywed" shower ... thanks to all who gave us such great gifts!

our flight to greensboro on friday was uber-delayed. we sat on the runway longer than the actual flight time. so that was a pain beyond all pain. because there was no food, and everyone knows that when mari goes w/o food...watch out! we finally arrived almost two hours late. luckily we were able to alert his parents in time so they were able to adjust their departure time to come pick us up. anyway.

the flight back was fine. we left early early early this morning. learned that yesterday all flights to la guardia (at least from greensboro) were canceled. i guess there were t-storms or something. when shawn printed our boarding passes, i didn't get a seat assignment. as in - there's a chance i won't get back to get to work on time! blugh!

thankfully i was able to get a seat. of course i was in the front of the plane and shawn was in the very back (only 12 rows, quite a small plane). the young lady sitting next to shawn was nice enough to shift with me (she got more leg room, but i got baggage storage beneath the seat in front of me).

the flight was quick (one hour from wheels up to wheels down) and after a little bit of turbulence (which I loved - it was like a rollercoaster - and shawn HATED...dang woman pilot - HA), we were at LGA. we were accosted by a swindler trying to sell us a $45 ride into manhattan, but being the savvy (albeit looking-like-we-fell-off-the-turnip-truck-yesterday) travelers that we are, we opted for the taxi line, which was a breeze. we got into a hybrid vehicle - a small SUV. i feel lucky when i get one of those (not that i take taxi's for anything other than airport runs or buying air conditioners!).

the taxi driver asked us how we wanted to go. blugh - hate this question. i want to go the fastest way and don't have any way in particular. this is of course a bad idea. so i need to figure out what the correct answer is - i think it's 59th Street bridge, but who knows. to-do before our flight to Oklahoma in november.

Photo of Today's Storm From JeffsWeather.comfinally, home again. feeling OK, although tired (left Diannia's at 5:30 am, a good three hours before i normally even THINK of getting out of bed on a normal weekday). we weren't home for very long - maybe 30 minutes when BANG, ZIP, POW! The darkest sky ever and a thunderstorm to shake the city. It was CRAZY. And then a respite, we had lunch and ANOTHER dark crazy storm. It was magic. And the perfect day for snuggling under the covers for a little recuperative snooze...

BUT I persevered and plugged along at work - making progress on several projects, including some online advertising projects that are about to make a big difference in an RA project we've all come to love (or not). now i'm going out to find some coffee for tomorrow. i kept hoping Starbucks would sell its Pike Place Roast, but seems to be a non-bulk blend...so far.


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