Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

When I went home for Easter and the wedding shower, Beth and I had our hair blown out - just as a treat. I was half asleep from the early morning plane rides and anxious to get back to playing with Owen, visiting with family, etc. SO I wasn't the best client for the hairdresser. She was nice though, and gave me a valuable tip.

Two things were happening - the area of my scalp closest to my forehead (I guess my hairline) was flaking. This has always been the case (well always being since I've been in grad school I think...maybe longer) - so I just deal with it, comb it out and move on. I've tried some dandruff shampoos, and it's not always super noticeable or bothersome. WELL, the hairdresser told me that it isn't dandruff but dry scalp - probably caused by stress (imagine that). She recommended tea tree oil infused shampoo. She washed, dried and styled my hair, and my scalp was a lot better - less flaky with only a few little red patches that needed to heal. Well, a week and a half later, I've been washing my hair every other day (or maybe every third day - hard to keep track w/o work outfits and hairstyles to keep me on schedule) - and my scalp is 500 times better. My hair hasn't lost any body or curl or anything, plus I love the sweet pepperminty smell of the shampoo and the thick conditioner. I bought some Triple Threat shampoo from Duane Reed drugstore. And it's working great. I love new, successful beauty tips!

The hairdresser told me I was shedding a lot of hair though (tell me something I don't know) - another thing caused by stress. I've always had lots of hair, and I still have lots of thick out of control hair, so I've never been bothered too much by losing some. But maybe THAT will be the next hair thing I tackle. Possible causes are stress, of course, and lack of protein. But I eat meat every day, so we'll see.

Maybe when the wedding's over my stress will be gone - YEAH RIGHT... Meanwhile I'm enjoying my sweet smelling hair and non-itchy scalp. Ta Da!


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Heather said...

Tea tree oil is also fantastic on toes (perfect after abusing your feet in sandals or pointy shoes).

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