Rainy Days and Mondays...

always get me UP!

I love the magic of a dark rainy day. Monday's aren't my favorite, but as good a day as any.

I'm just working away and trying to get the newsletter out - CHECK!

So much wedding stuff is weighing on my mind. I'm going to be so glad to enjoy the trip home (three weeks?!) and the whole experience. But I've got to be honest that I'm looking forward to the huge SIGH of relief afterward - to be a happily married lady... Could I become a SMUG married? Ah, leaving Singleton-dom behind.

SO, I do love rain, but I would prefer sunshine for my wedding - and the other weekend activities. But if it rains, we'll be together, and the reception will just move to the church (or something?) - we'll make it work. And rain can be lucky. AH!


1 comment:

Tria Andrews said...

i’ve always wondered if rain is really lucky or if they just tell you that because you’re crying and your hair looks like shit.

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