I have trouble being grateful. In fact I'd say I'm an ungrateful ***** a lot of times. But I also recognize my great privilege and wealth, and a ridiculously easy life, all things considered. So, a partial set of my blessings, for which I am thankful:
  • Jesus and salvation, the Church and my church
  • My beautiful, lovely, funny, smart Jane Pie
  • My precious, gorgeous, clever, snuggly Livia Baby
  • My husband and our marriage
  • Medical care
  • Healing bones
  • Climate control -- air conditioning 90% of the year and heat the other 10%!
  • Hot water and indoor plumbing
  • Warm bed
  • Tenure and Shawn's satisfying career that provides for us so well
  • Tasty food and the ability to prepare it
  • Dishwashers and other modern-day appliances
Wishing you a pleasant holiday weekend, and this video about Thanksgiving's establishment as a holiday:

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