Sisters Frozen Hearts Hats

I finished these matching "Frozen Heart" crochet hats for my cousin's daughters as surprise Christmas gifts. Now to mail them. I am DREADING the post office run I need to do.  I finally have all three big packages ready to go, so I should get on it.

Anyway, the hats are made from a free pattern at My Hobby is Crochet, and I love the technique of front-post double crochet. It makes a ridiculously thick and warm hat plus gives a nice knit look/vertical stitching, which is fun now and then. Also much better for Oklahoma where it can get cold. We're still in the high 70s here and looking for our first freeze of the season, which can't come soon enough for me. I am a cold weather girl in the wrong kind of climate! (Although it is nice to be able to play outside with just a light jacket, I'll admit. But the mosquitoes have got to go.)

The hats are made with Caron Simply Soft that I happened to pick up on sale sometime this summer. Shawn came up with the "Frozen" label since the colors are very Elsa. I made the little one first and was surprised HOW little it is. I followed the pattern exactly, and it's labeled "toddler sized," but still came out only about 16" circumference. I think it still might be too big for the 1-year-old, but baby heads grow and I bet she has a big brain! I added 10 stitches to the increase to get the bigger size and used Jane's head for gauge (she's six months younger than the older sister). So the little one has 7 hearts and the bigger one has 8 hearts. I like the dots border pattern, although I ran out of light blue for the big hat and used some white to finish up. I actually like that addition.

I hope the girls like them!

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