Crochet Baby Mermaid Tails

A friend posted some cute pictures of babies wearing mermaid tails on Facebook. She wondered if she knew anyone who could make such a thing. I raised my (virtual) hand and got to work with some stash yarn. It's been so fun. I love quick, little projects (and remember why I loved making all those blasted hats ... of which I probably have 40+ left!).

I found two free patterns: Mermaid Newborn Cozy and Mermaid Tail Cocoon. I kept crocheting, trying to get the waist the right size. Finally I think I got enough options and we'll see if baby girl can fit into one of them. I plan to get them in the mail today. I love the purple the best, but I think it's going to be too small. In the two bigger blue ones I added waist bands -- just a long chain woven between a row of double crochet to make it cinchable, on the off chance that I did get one too big.

I improvised the tops (and only made two because I think they're adjustable enough) -- just 3-4 rows of double crochet with a small double crochet row tied together in the front middle and long chains to add to the back. They are definitely just for show!

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