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A Stranger in the South

I'm not from the South. So I don't understand the value of making our kids say "yes, ma'am" and "no, sir" in every interaction with an adult. That's the style at Jane's school though. She doesn't bring it home or call me that, although she does tell me her teacher tells her to say it. Will she be in big trouble if I don't drill her in that social nicety? I do find myself falling prey to the "Ms./Mr. First Name" with people at church. That seems expected, although still weird to me.

We had her Easter party at school this week, and I got to observe the other moms of kids in the 2-year-old classes. Most knew each other, and knew each other well. Basically I got the impression that the typical mom fits the cliche "good Christian woman." It was the same recipe -- blown out hair, cute matching ensembles and multiple children in their arms also dressed up in smocked outfits and giant hair bows for the girls. And they all speak so sweetly, even though I could feel the undercurrent of "bless your heart" pulsing in that sweet talk. I didn't feel totally out of place, since Jane was there and she fits in great despite her decidedly un-smocked wardrobe and lack of giant hair bows, but it is very obvious that I am different. That may always be so...


Sydney said…
You stand out among the pack.
MilitaryPugWife said…
Omg I won't fit in at my kids school if it was like. Gaggggg I'll be rocking my cheerleader shorts and a Marvel t shirt to school. The kids will love me cause I'm a kid trapped inside my body. Holla to the 225!! It's been a minute. Get some Chimes for me.

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