Crochet: Brown Ribbed Toddler Sweater

I bought this sock yarn on ridiculous sale at JoAnn’s -- probably about a buck a skein for stuff that was normally four or five times that. I was looking for a pattern to use it up, and this one was supposed to. I have a skein and then some left, so miscalculation on my part I’m sure.

The yoke of the sweater is made of floral motifs (basically granny squares), but my motifs seemed smaller than they needed to be to line up with the body and sleeves. I made it work with careful stretching and whip stitching. I sewed on one of the sleeves backwards, basically not paying attention.

I made 12-18 months, although the sweater seems bigger than that to me. It's hard to say though. Jane is too big for it, so I’m not sure who will receive it. It’s not my favorite, although it was pretty easy to make and has a pretty cute border on the sleeves and body.

Edit: I let Jane try it on, and it technically fits her, but just badly. The arms and body are short, but the body itself is way too wide and the neckline is a mess. I didn't add the buttons called for in the pattern (from Little Crochet), and I'm not even sure that would help. I think I didn't crochet tight enough in the body especially -- and I don't have the right tension when crocheting in back loops only (which creates the ribbed effect). I'm thinking of adding some extra rows around the neck to make it a little tighter there. This is so wonky it will never be a gift, so a play sweater for Jane seems about the best I can hope.

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Sydney said...

Really cute.

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