Mini Photo Marble Magnets

Mini Photo Marble Magnet crafting supplies
If you're looking for a quick gift making these marble magnets might be just the ticket. They're personalized and so easy to make (and honestly pretty cheap too!). Here's what you need:
I first made these with scrapbook paper and some Owen photos several years ago. And I used the Not Martha tutorial.

First I cut all the images -- using the hole punch upside down (so I can center the punch over the face in the picture -- close ups make the best magnets). If you don't have the hole punch you could just use the magnet as a guide for your scissors and cut out a circle.

Then I put a dab of glue on the magnet and put the paper on it face up, pressing to get good adhesion. Another dab of glue on the marble and mash the picture magnet onto it. Press down to make the glue squish to the edges.

Be sure to have good light so you can make sure the glue is evenly distributed under the marble (it will dry clear and bubbles should disappear, but without glue evenly distributed you'll get dark spots).

Let the magnets dry flat for a day or so before you put them up on the fridge or put them in a small metal box for gifting. I found round metal boxes at a NYC stationery store, but Altoid's boxes would work ... and you could even decorate those with pictures or special paper too.

There are so many metal surfaces around our house, and I love getting a glimpse of Jane's face -- and Owen's face because I still have many from my first round of making these -- when I do laundry or walk out the kitchen door.

If you make these let me know. I'd love to see them!

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