I've started trying to keep the house clean using a calendar/task schedule -- modified from this one that I saw on Pinterest (I swear I don't spend much time on that site!). I made mine in Word using my wedding font and swirl graphic (what a nerd).

As to cleaning, I don't do things perfectly, but I am getting into some kind of rhythm of doing each daily chore without too much self-whining. There's still some, but I love checking things off lists, so this is appealing to me.

BUT things broke down last Wednesday when I fell sick. As in stomach-bug-can't-move-fevers-and-chills sick.

Oh, and Shawn was out of town.

Luckily a good friend helped me by bringing 7up -- I am a weirdo, but that's all I wanted. Some 7up and my couch ... riding out the sickness.

But oh yeah, I still had to take care of Jane.

Thankfully she was not sick, but she gave me a break by playing a lot on her own, reading her books -- or bringing them to me while I splayed on the couch, and we took several naps together while we waited for Shawn to get home from his trip.

Somehow we made it, and although Jane got a little bit of the sickness on Friday (without ever skipping a beat and remaining her happy self), and Shawn got as sick as I was on Sunday we are all healthy today.

BUT my inlaws came to town the day after Shawn got home. And yep, my father-in-law got sick too.

My mother-in-law has the best constitution of us all, as she didn't even get a single chill. (Her preventive measure: Rolaids, so who knows.)

Basically, with the sickness and then family in town I got a little behind on my chore list. Try a LOT behind.

So today, after my inlaws got on the road, I got Jane down for a nap and got to work -- trying to deep clean the bathrooms especially and in general catching up on the backlog of chores.

I've pretty much got everything done, including fresh sheets in the guest room and clean towels in the guest bathroom, just in time for my mom and sister and Owen to come for a visit!

Basically this full day of cleaning makes me appreciate the bite-size approach of the cleaning calendar and hope I can keep it up and have some semblance of a tidy home. (Just look away from the overflowing laundry basket of toys...)

One of my chores is to pick up this mess every night -- I do it almost every night.

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