Shed Spreading

A hormonal shift apparently causes a new mom's hair to start falling out around the baby's third or fourth month. Jane is right there, and my hair has been shedding like crazy for the last couple weeks.

My normal hair loss is probably more than most. I have a lot of hair, and when it's not shaped, cut and thinned by an expert stylist there's more of it to fall out. But the pace at which I'm losing hair is greater than my norm. Although I didn't notice my hair getting thicker during pregnancy it must have.

I'm not scared or upset, probably because I can't really tell that my hair is thinner other than seeing the massive amounts of hair coming out when I comb it -- and falling all over the place. I'm mostly wearing ponytails or buns these days anyway -- that's my preferred hair style in general because it's easy (not necessarily flattering) and Jane's grip is such that when she grabs the hair she's yanking it out, causing strands to twirl around her fingers. Not so fun to un-twine.

Eventually things should stabilize hormonewise and my hair will be back to itself. If it's a little thinner for a while so much the better. I still need to find a good stylist here. Meh.

Something that is NOT postpartum related that is happening to me is some skin shedding. This happened when I was a kid too -- my hands would peel. It's really gross, and I seem to remember not holding hands with other kids because of it. I don't know if it was my choice from embarrassment or theirs because YUCK! I've been using thick hand creams and just did an exfoliating scrub in the hopes to even things out. It's probably a weather thing AND a hands-are-wet-more-often thing (baby baths, more handwashing after diaper changes, hand washing my breast pump almost every day, etc.). Yech, though. I guess I should be glad it's only my hands ... for now!


Adriel Booker said...

oh yes, it's totally gross isn't it??!! it's driving me craaaaazy. with my first child it started falling out at 4 months. with this one is started at 3. 5 months now and i'm STILL losing it. yuck! i wrote a silly poem about it recently actually. :)

Adriel Booker said...

(as in he's five months old now - not it's been falling out for 5mo. just clarifying that comment!! ha!)

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