Sitting in the sun room that's more of a rain room right now. Its roof needs to be replaced, and there's drip-drip-drip coming from the casing of one of the windows. It's filled two Joe's cups so far not to mention the wet towels surrounding. Soon it will all be fixed though, so no worries. I'll keep on enjoying the rain, even if it does interfere with local parades.

My baby and husband are asleep in the next room. I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep -- on a Saturday when I can actually snooze a bit longer of course -- so I got up and am drinking drip-drip-drip coffee. I'm finding decaf tastes as good to me as regular, although I'm sure after nursing I'll return to high octane stuff.

Baby is stirring, so time for a baby bath and more cuddles. She's becoming quite the little person, and I love her so much. Crazy hair, loud squeals and all!

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Sydney said...

I would so love some cuddles and to know the person she is becoming. I love the wild hair. It looks like she is enjoying every minute of it.

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