What Do You Do? Part Deux

Back in November I wrote about what I do as a job. But this week someone asked me "What do you do?" in the context of hobbies or interests outside of work. So really, what do I do with my time?

Much to Shawn's chagrin, TV is a big interest and time suck. I get heavily involved in shows. Lately I've been re-watching old House re-runs and being a swoony Hugh Laurie fan. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

I read books (currently reading One Thousand Gifts as part of an online book club and loving it -- more on that later) and I write letters (accepting pen pal invitations if anyone is interested in receiving snail mail). I write here on this blog, and you know I read a lot of blogs. The number in my Google Reader is always increasing, and my stats as of today:
From your 311 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 3,612 items, clicked 12 items, starred 2 items, shared 9 items, and emailed 2 items. Since August 10, 2006 you have read a total of 177,505 items.
I don't read every post of every blog, but I scan almost every title. (And there are a few blogs that I read every word of ... mostly of those people I know IRL and a few that are just so good I can't stand to miss it.)

I crochet. Gran taught me when I was 16, the summer that she had a broken some bones and I helped Grandpa take care of her. I put it aside for a while, but right after college I got started again. I'd never put together that timing, but I must have used crochet as part of therapy to nurse a broken heart because that's when I started making scarves for everyone with their initials stitched on. I've since created loads of baby blankets (I'm at that age still where everyone around me is popping out kiddos), and a couple of larger afghan projects for my Gran and mother-in-law. One project that is in constant hibernation is a bedspread I wanted to make for Shawn and me within our first year of marriage. I think I've made 3 or 4 of the dozens of squares required. Sometime I'll turn back to it, maybe in time for a house?!

Shawn and I have our bikes now, so we do some of that. I work out most days, but I wouldn't say I do that because I enjoy it. I do it to increase my odds of getting what I most want in life. And it doesn't hurt that my legs become strong, I breathe easier and my clothes fit better.

There are other things I do, like cook dinner, do the laundry, buy the groceries, shop for clothes, webcam with my Owen Max, fiddle with my hair and wish it longer, etc., that seem less like hobbies and more like life.

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