Hail the Presidents

What did you do today?

Today I attempted to be a housewife, a given since I was home alone while the hubs was at work. Federal holidays are fun!

Anyway, I made five meals for the week -- onion soup, enchilada casserole, chicken and onion bake, hamburgers, a salad w/ mini burgers. I also went to Target because I could! I made myself fly in and out for the few things we needed, avoiding the clothing sale racks.

I'll never be a worthy stay-at-home spouse, but man it's fun for a day here and there. And that plays into some blog posts I've been meaning to write about.

They're both several weeks old. Once is a Slate article about Mormon housewife blogs and the (non-Mormon) writer's addiction to them. These blogs are an extension of scrapbooking and documenting a family's life. And they present a perfect stylized life.

There are lots of other blogs like that, with and without religious overtones, and I like reading things like that, even if they sometimes make me feel bad through jealousy. Another blog (Those Hardings) wrote about that and how she tries to avoid comparisons. The comments on her post are really good, and I actually found the post via That Wife (a Mormon blog that I probably found via the Slate article in the first place).

It's unlikely I'll ever change my blog reading habits to avoid anything that might make me want to compare my life to another blogger's. And I'll continue to write about only the best parts of things and try not to reveal the girl behind the curtain, if you know what I mean.

The rest of my President's Day involves continuing to watch DVR'ed House episodes in advance of tonight's new episode. I already worked out so I can relax until dinner.

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