My Favorite Gift

My sister made me this AMAZING casserole carrier after I was coveting Gran's at a church dinner a couple months ago. My dad made the handles and the base, my mom bought the accessory spoon, Aunt Lee Ann helped and Gran loaned her old trusty sewing machine for Beth to get it made. And how perfect is the fabric? I bet it's called silvermari swirl or something, right? Now I just need a pot luck and killer casserole recipe... TBD on when it takes its maiden voyage.

I got some other great gifts for Christmas 2010 too, and today the package from my inlaws' finally arrived. I got my wished-for iPod clock radio so I can groove to my tunes and/or NPR in the house. Huzzah!

From myself to myself I got a new cell phone that also arrived today. The unlocked phone from Amazon really works (I wasn't eligible for a new phone from AT&T until this September because of losing the new one last March). My purple phone finally cracked -- the hinge was coming apart and the battery charger didn't do a great job without it being jiggled every few minutes. New technology is exciting, although I need to get my contacts moved over (thought they were already on my SIM card ... whoops).

And it's webcamming night with a certain little monkey moo! Darkness lifting ... I hope it stays lifted.

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