Bike Helmet Hair

My mom sent me this image over Christmas break to use as a blog image when I go on my next bike ride. We're planning to go today. We'll see how the plan succeeds - hopefully without me falling.

Although my hair is not orangey-red like this image it is practically that short again. I went for another hair cut from the same woman I didn't like last time. I took pictures from Ladies Home Journal and thought I could get a Sela Ward style with layers and choppiness and movement. Instead I've got a short helmet with lots of weird shortie pieces and some kind of stacked back. Maybe it will go better when I wash it, but I doubt it will work with my curls.

I think I just need to suck it up and try somewhere else - I need someone who can give me a versatile style that works curly or straight. There ARE Bumble and Bumble trained stylists in New Orleans. Can I justify a 3-hour round trip for my HAIR? Yeah, I probably could. We'll see what I do. I think I want to try growing it out again, but I was at the point where it was fitting back in a pony tail, so I was wearing it in a pony tail almost every day. And I don't know if I can break myself of that when I grow it back out.

These are the kinds of things I worry about, so OBVIOUSLY I've got a pretty great life.


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