Before and During

Today, October 15, 2010, marks one year of South Beach diet and regular exercise. Like I mentioned before, I've lost just over 50 pounds. And I thought I'd show some before and during photos (I'm not done trying to work on my body and better myself). The befores are a little embarrassing, and I didn't take any in October when I started -- I didn't want to jinx things and really didn't think I'd find success. It's amazing.

Shawn said he didn't ever remember me looking like that. There are some others from this trip where I look even worse -- no make up and near/at my heaviest ... July 2009

Photo by Owen ... boob-a-licious, also July 2009

Clearly shows the physical issues...July 2009 (but how cute is Bubba? he's growing up so fast!)

October 14, 2010. A self-portrait w/ timer option on the camera. Nothing too revealing -- and can see that my life is still a mess with all the junk around me. But don't I look happier or something? My face is certainly thinner and feels more "me." And I feel a lot better. Pounds and pounds to go. 
Happy Weekend!


cg said...

HKMPW, you look absolutely AMAZING!! You GO, girl!

Sydney said...

You're gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Good for you!

(admonished self to avoid adding anything far-reaching so as not to risk masking my sincere tone)


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