10 for Ten?

It's October 2010, or 10-10. Under the Sycamore, a photography blog I have in my reader, is posting 10 for 10 in October. I could do that from time to time. What would be great would be posting a top 10 list every day (or bottom 10!). I have a list at work going of grammatical errors I hate. I probably have at least 10. Hrm.

Eye twitching, work stressing, sleep needing girl up in here.

In November I'll be doing Nablopomo again. In October the theme is PLAY. They do post prompts every work day, but I can't commit to 31 posts in a row plus 30 in a row. So I think I'll stick with just blogging when I can in October ... what would be better is if I only blogged when I had something to say. Then I'd never blog!


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