Hats: The Characters

See the post Want to Order a Crochet Hat. These are the "character" hats. Faces and embroidery take more time, so the cost is a bit more. Contact me for details, but generally $15-$20 per hat.

Baby Shark - 3D fin, teeth and gums -- can add ties to ear flaps
Three sock monkeys - can be customized with bow or flower - can add ties to ear flaps
Dinosaur or dragon hat, Baby reindeer, Penguin option
Crazy turkeys -- can add ties to ear flaps
Baby froggy
Twitter bird
Froggy beanie
Gingerbread girl - bow can be customized
Grumpy cat
Panda bear
Penguin option -- can add bow
Baby owl beanie
Ear flap Owl Hat - colors can be customized
Siamese cat
Sock monkey
Tiger - can add bow in team colors
Lambie from Doc McStuffins - this is a copyrighted character, but it was something I made for my daughter. For display only/not for sale

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