A Quarter Year

I haven't published here in three months. I haven't been writing in a journal or otherwise. I still write my weekly emails about the girls, so I have a record of our life somewhere. I tweet and occasionally post on Facebook. But as for long-form writing, I've basically stopped.

But November is coming. And November means NaBloPoMo. Although it doesn't look like BlogHer is doing anything official.

I'm still beyond disgusted with the state of American democracy. Every time I think OK this is the worst it can get the next day it gets a little worse. So that may have something to do with my lack of writing.

I also haven't had as much to do for work, and when I'm less busy I am less productive in other aspects of my life.

I guess I don't have to know why. Just popping in to say that's what it is and that I plan to write every day in November, even if there isn't an official NaBloPoMo group to join.

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