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Christmas Cards

I'm not the friendliest person, but are there tips to getting ON someone's Christmas card list? I feel like a reject since we barely got any Christmas cards this year. I sent out around 80, and I think about 5 were returned as undeliverable, so say 75 reached their destinations. We probably received 12 cards. I don't send cards only in order to receive cards, but it sure would be nice to get a few more in return!

I wonder if people are just not sending out cards at all any more OR if we're not making the cut and I should take a hint and take people off our list. What a crazy "problem" to have. Good grief.

But here's the thing. I LOVE doing Christmas cards. I like picking the photo (this year it was just my best recent one of Jane and I didn't even try a separate Christmassy photo shoot -- and I even included a family photo of the three of us from my cousin's wedding in November). I like shopping for the best deals on cards and trying out a million templates until I find the one I like best (and that Shawn can agree to). I like addressing the cards and thinking about each family as I do. I like buying cute Christmas stamps and rubber stamping on our return address. I even like writing brief notes and/or signing our names. (I don't particularly like sealing the envelopes, so Shawn does that with a wet rag.)

So I won't STOP doing cards, at least not while I have photogenic offspring. I get a lot of pleasure from the whole process. I love receiving mail almost as much as I love sending it ... and I just don't have many opportunities to send snail mail these days (Christmas cards and thank you cards are about it!).

If you want a Christmas card from me next year and didn't get one this year will you email me your address? And then I'll give you my address, and we can be Christmas pen pals... Thanks!


Rachael Neilan said…
I love getting Christmas cards, too! Thank you for sending me one. Please don't stop any time soon. Did I send you one? I meant to!

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