Migraine Hangover

On Sunday evening I started coming down with a yuck headache -- not surprising since I had been feeling well for about a day after the whammo cold of last week. That's just my luck, I mean. It was concentrated on the right side of my head, mostly in the back, but I just popped some nighttime Tylenol and went to bed. (I'm really taking advantage of my newfound ability to take drugs again!)

Of course that was a night Jane was having trouble sleeping too. I was zonked out of it but also my head was throbbing despite the Tylenol so I couldn't really move and Shawn had to take care of her -- and therefore get way less sleep than he needed. The next day I pushed myself out of bed so he could get to work, and promptly felt 10 times worse after he'd gone.

I pushed through the nausea to make Jane's breakfast, fought with her to start eating it and then laid down on the couch, wishing for a couple more hours of sleep and for the ibuprofen I took to kick in. My head never did feel much better that morning, although after a couple hours of laying on the couch and doing my best to keep Jane from completely destroying the house I felt well enough to look at my Kindle Fire. At lunch I ate cream cheese and crackers (health food, right?) and drank some DDP with more ibuprofen. Caffeine for the win, as I progressively got better as the afternoon wore on.

The headache didn't fully go away but it was more manageable, there was no nausea and I didn't have the intense fatigue of the morning. Jane put me through my paces with no nap and begging for "exercises." I let her watch her videos even though I was too sick to work out. I felt guilty about the no exercise day, but given that I could barely bend over without excruciating pain to my head I figured it was prudent to skip a day. I also didn't do any of my chores and basically laid about.

We webcammed with Aunt B, who's snowed in, and she suggested a migraine. I looked it up and it seems plausible, although it certainly wasn't entirely debilitating like I know some people's are. I hope I don't have to experience it again -- or if I do it's when I have child care help!

I've caught up today -- exercise and chores. We went to Walmart to search for a toy baby bottle and a new booster seat. I found both, but was disappointed when I opened the booster seat box and saw part of the plastic shattered. It shouldn't be a big deal to return it, but I still feel personally affronted somehow. What a crazy, I know. If Jane rests or doesn't seem too crabby patty we'll attempt to take care of that this afternoon. Then I have a church meeting at 6. After yesterday hobbling around the house and hardly moving today I'm keeping busy, and I'm certainly glad to be feeling better. I hope it stays this way for a while!

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