Mari & Jane on TV

Jane made her debut on TV while riding in the backpack. We were interviewed for a local TV station about the restorations being made to the monuments and next Capitol. The reporter wanted me to talk about how it's an inconvenience to tourists. So I did my part. Not hard hitting journalism, but whatever.

Seriously my opinion is: scaffold the whole darn town. Just keep the Metro running and the zoo and museums open!

Our inarticulate part in the video is two minutes in:


Anonymous said...

FOR the love...

I loved it!!!

It has been so long, and I never previously had such a sense of your confident-enough vibe.

Clearly I have had many senses of you, all still from afar, but this so complements all the others.

(and the 'mom' part driven home at the same time)

(there is nothing like capturing a moment 'live')

What happened to the anonymous comment options?


Sydney said...

I watched it a second time and just watched Jane. What a precious moo hoo. She seemed to be thinking, :What's going on here?"

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