I made some pesto sauce this week, using some pine nuts I inherited when a friend moved away. All was going fine as I put the nuts and basil into the food processor. Then I realized that the basil was covered in dirt. Whoops!

So I started trying to pull out the leaves. Uh... bad move.

SLICED my middle finger on my right hand. Just a cut, but deep and painful on the tip of the finger. Ugh.

It got blood all over the pine nuts in the food processor. SO I had to dump out everything, wash the basil and start again (there were plenty of nuts left for that at least).

The pesto turned out OK, although I probably needed more basil. We ate it with bowtie pasta and an Italian herb and cheese chicken breast (I had a coupon for some new Kraft seasoning shake-and-bake type thing ... meh).

My finger is still healing. It reopened itself when I was washing Jane's hands, and I've been trying to keep it covered with a band aid BUT it's pretty tough given the location of the cut and the shape of a finger, you know?

Just keeping you posted on my latest injury. Oh me.


Katie said...

UGH! I'm soooo sorry that happened too you! I have done that too many times to admit and I know how bad it hurts. Get well soon.

Mari said...

I figured you'd get a kick out of the story. It's mostly healed now and only hurts if I hit it just right. I feel so dumb about it though because I knew better!

Heather said...

If you ever find your pesto lacking because of not enough basil, you can add a little parsley too which will thicken it up and give it a slightly different flavor. :)

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