Hotel Room de ja vu

We are in Memphis visiting an old friend of Shawn's (both in the fact that they've known each other for a while and that he's old -- around 20 years older than me). ANYWAY.

We're in a hotel room covered by points I earned while traveling for my last job. And this room looks almost exactly like the last one I stayed at in Silver Spring, MD, -- down to the furniture placement and artwork. And that was when I was at my SICKEST "morning" sickness with Jane.

It's a bit of a weird feeling to be in such familiar environs, but instead of being tied to the bed and/or toilet we've got a pack-and-play taking up half the room and toys strewn all about.

How lucky am I?


On the Memphis front we haven't done much touristy. We ate some fine BBQ for lunch -- Corky's. But we haven't seen Beale Street or the Mississippi or Graceland. Maybe next time. (We're going home tomorrow.)

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Rachael Neilan said...

I like this post. You are one lucky lady! :)

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