Post Isaac Shopping

Walking into my familiar Winn Dixie after the storm was weird. It was my store, but it wasn't.

Entire shelves were cleared -- things I noticed were gone: pop tarts, little debbie snacks, fruit (that much I expect had spoiled ... everything else just hadn't been restocked after the run-up to the hurricane). They had restocked the dairy, so we have our milk for the cereal I stockpiled (you can always eat cheerios dry).

There were also a lot of cashiers working -- I guess because they had all missed shifts and they wanted the work? There were also more people there than normal, so that was part of it too. A lot of undergrads walking around in rubber boots.

I didn't have a lot of time, so it was just a quick in and out for some sandwich stuff (not even enough time to bother waiting for the deli versions) and DDP.

I'll be glad when things really get back to normal...

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