Assess Me

I took a personality test -- or something like it -- at work a couple weeks ago, and on Friday I got my "results." Nothing too shocking. I mean, I know I'm detail-oriented and impatient. But what was a surprise was my "score" on manageability.

I like to think that I'm a really good employee -- I follow directions, offer suggestions but know my place once a decision is made and go do my work. Apparently not, at least according to this test. Perhaps it's a reflection of how I FEEL rather than what I DO, because sure I might grumble about directions or projects that don't make sense, or when a decision doesn't go my way ... but I don't think that makes me unmanageable when I keep the grumbling to myself and ultimately do the work as assigned. So I've been tumbling that around in my head for a couple days now.

The results also showed that I would not likely be happy or good in a leadership role, i.e. leave me alone in my work. I can see that, but I also want to think of myself as having room to grow into a leadership capacity. Maybe not in the cards, but if not I would like to think it's my choice rather than a personality trait.

So what I came away with is that I can't be managed and I can't lead -- so what am I do to for an occupation? Blurgh.

I still have to talk with someone who actually works with me/has seen me in action (results were given by a nice third-party guy). Also funny to note: I am totally different personality/traits wise than everyone else that I work with in the region. The third-party guy was really confused how I fit in ... until I explained to him my communications role and journalism background (and then he thought skepticism was the bees knees for me rather than a possible hindrance). Oh me.

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