may showers

i came to DC this weekend - took the train on Saturday (which happened to be National Train Day) - and was given a bridal shower by my grad school friends. There were 8 of us and we just hung out talking for hours. It was so fun. I got some great gifts - just too much. It was so great to see everyone again.

Now I'm in a motel - staying until Tuesday for work. I've got some award applications to prepare for work (requiring me to have use of the color copier - and my bosses' immediate feedback), and since I was coming down anyway, two birds! At least I hope I'll be able to knock out these award applications. The deadline is May 23...the day before I leave for Oklahoma. Time is really ticking down!

I had a bit of an adventure today. Because I got so many presents (some of which were bigger than my smallest suitcase could accommodate), I was making my way from the Metro to the motel with my rolly suitcase, my laptop bag and three large gift bags, two of which broke because of the weight of the gifts inside. After that struggle (my arms, legs and back feel like I've been to the gym!) I was able to take the bus to Target and enjoy that suburban shopping experience - and to buy a tote bag to get everything back home. UNFORTUNATELY it started to rain - cold, windy, pouring rain. But I had to wait for the bus... So I got soaking wet from waiting for over 20 minutes. AND I was the only one on the bus. How eco-friendly is that? Um, not. But I made it back here, got a Starbucks coffee to warm me up (I'm very taken with the new Pikes blend), spilled it all down my front as I was opening my umbrella, and came back here to rest. I had a blinding headache, but a little Target brand acetaminophen cleared that up. Oh, and I got to read a Washington Post. I may be turning into a New Yorker - I'm glad the Sunday Times will be waiting for me when I get back. :)

And now I'm waiting for food delivery and a call back from my mom for a mother's day chat. All in all a good day. If transportation hadn't been such a hassle (I probably spent more than 3 hours total today on Metro and the bus and WAITING for Metro and the bus) I could have seen a movie. BUT I live in Manhattan, so who needs a car???

I should have photos from the shower to add soon, and I've been meaning to add photos of the Indiahoma shower... Beth posted them on Photobucket, so I'll add that link (or something) to my wed site soon. Much to do!


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Dammit !!!!!

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