My Bluetooth headset for my phone - without it, my conference calls are a nightmare (I have to hold a hot cell phone to my head for more than an hour, sometimes two)... plus I am going crazy - where could it be. I intentionally left it here so as not to lose it during travels to DC and OK... But it's not where it should be, and I can't figure out where I would have moved it. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have moved it and that I did not. But where is it???

My DVD player - I know where it is, but it's broken. We tried to pop in "Barefoot in the Park" last night (we've finally signed onto a Blockbuster mail-in movie thing) and it didn't work. We tried another DVD, and just horrible noises coming from the player. We watched a DVD last Thursday, just before we left for OK - and it worked fine. WHAT happened? Who knows? All I know is I need to buy another DVD player...

My mind... so many details, so many thank you notes, so many invitations to create and address. PLUS work and all that entails. Right now I'm waiting for a 17MB file to download from the shared drive... Someday I'll teach people to compress their PowerPoints - not just to make my life easier... I'm such a gretch.

Our friend Coretta did a test cake for us - it's SO gorgeous. I don't want to ruin the surprise BUT I do want to post the image and compare the difference between Beth's and my "test" cake. HA!

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Tria Andrews said...

pretty!!! and yummy too, i bet.

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