Cake Disaster

Beth and I had a good time making this cake. Too bad it looked like we were kindergarteners. But it sure did taste good. So the consensus is we're going to buy the cake. And I'm OK with that. If we'd had about a pound more frosting and a little more patience MAYBE we could have made it happen/look better. Oh well.

The topper is actually a clearance sale M that we turned over to be a W - just for show. Now I can use it as a christmas ornament, or more likely as all-year-round "M" decoration. I never tire of my initial! I'll have new initials in this new year one way or another, it's just a matter of sorting out if I keep my maiden name as part of my middle name or not... It's hard to lose the cool rhymingness of my name. And oh, I'll no longer be a maiden. I guess that's OK. Matron-hood here I come???
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