no reason behind the titles

And it's weird that the notes are anonymous.

Everything is fine. I am still pondering whether to try to transfer all my old entries from the other blog. I apologize for any confusion. I should have it under control eventually.

Apartment is still good. I am going to have pictures available soon, but I will probably keep that link private (off this blog) and just e-mail it to people. I will also print a couple sets to send home to Oklahoma. I just have some finishing touches to do. It's still very much a "college" type atmosphere but it's very nice and "Mari-like" -- and yes, Mari like. :)

Shawn and I got a kitchen table finally! So I still have the frame of the other one (the glass broke after I bought it). My plan is to get a piece of plywood cut, nail it on top and use it as a craft/scrapbook table and extra storage underneath -- not that I need it! I still have a closet that isn't full. :) Good times.

Work is still rolling. I feel good about what I'm doing. I got a little tired this week so haven't been as on top of my game, but I am hoping to regroup and come back guns blazing on Monday. :) I will still work hard tomorrow too!!! Aiyiyiah. I would encourage everyone to look at the job's Web site, particularly the advocacy site. (Would rather not include the name/link so that this doesn't come up in searches for the org -- not sure that it would, but I can at least TRY to keep my tracks from being THAT obvious!)

There's a House Hunter's on that's set in Annapolis! HA.

I have started watching Grey's Anatomy. SOOO good. Dr. McDreamy -- slurp! I don't think I'm ready for LOST but I know other coworkers at this new job ARE into it... I guess I'll just smile and nod as I did with the previous coworkers...

Anyway. Gotta get to bed soon. Will post more pictures and the story of the quilted purse shortly.


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